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Unique Learning Opportunities in Manitoba (Part 1)

Manitoba is home to eight public universities and colleges that offer a rich variety of educational opportunities for students. Students also have the option of studying at several religious institutions and technical colleges.

Each institution offers a unique experience for students with different goals. While browsing the career catalogue over at Set Your Course, we asked ourselves, what programs can we point to as truly unique at our institutions?

You may be surprised at the things you can specialize in at Manitoba’s universities. Here are a few programs from our career catalogue that caught our attention. We recently updated the careers to include direct links to program information!

Stay tuned for part two of this article, which will focus on college programs.

Dance at the University of Winnipeg

Dance is one of the Fine Arts that you won’t find at most universities in Canada, but The University of Winnipeg is home to one of the country’s most competitive Dance programs.

The program is part of the Department of Theatre and Film at The University of Winnipeg. With a joint focus on theoretical knowledge and practical application, the in-depth study of film and theatre is one of the University’s unique strengths. The department offers six different concentrations: acting and directing; design; drama in education; filmmaking; playwriting; and stage management and production.

If you’re a film buff or a ballet dancer, The University of Winnipeg could be the perfect place for you to master your art or explore your imagination!

The goal of the Dance Program Stream is to prepare you for graduate equivalent training and professional work in performance, teaching, or choreography. The Dance program is offered jointly with the Professional Program of the School of Contemporary Dancers[The University of Winnipeg]

Interior Design at the University of Manitoba

Situated in the Faculty of Architecture, Interior Design at the University of Manitoba offers the only Council for Interior Design Accreditation degree at the master’s level in Canada. It was named by Azure Magazine as one of eight top Interior Design Schools in the world! 

The Magazine’s profile also identifies the Department’s 90% rate in job placement. Alumni from the program have made a name for themselves in the industry, including Inger Bartlett (president of Bartlett & Associates), Catherine Dowling (professor at Ryerson University), Carolyn Lee (associate at KPMB Architects).

Situated within an interdisciplinary faculty, the Department of Interior Design distinguishes itself through its graduate programs creativity and excellence in interior design education and research, and commitment to the advancement of the discipline and practice of interior design. [University of Manitoba]

Icelandic Language and Literature

The University of Manitoba is also home to a Department of Icelandic Language and Literature! The program is available as a major or a minor in a Bachelor of Arts. They also have a Pre-Master’s option.

Studying Icelandic is an adventurous task.  Delving into the study of another language can offer you a better understanding and appreciation of the indispensable role of culture.  The study of Icelandic prepares students for opportunities in interpretation, translation, teaching, research, writing and publishing. [University of Manitoba]

Rural Development and Psychiatric Nursing at Brandon University

Brandon University is home to the Department of Rural Development, Manitoba’s only department dedicated to rural studies. The university offers three programs through the department:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Rural and Community Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Rural Development
  • Master in Rural Development

Brandon University also offers a graduate degree in Psychiatric Nursing, the first of its kind in Canada. The Master of Psychiatric Nursing program attracts mental health professionals from a variety of fields.

The Master of Psychiatric Nursing program at Brandon University is designed for students who are seeking advanced practice roles in psychiatric nursing. Delivered online to meet the needs of busy professionals, the program prepares graduates to be leaders in psychiatric nursing and health care. [Brandon University]

The Centre for Aboriginal Languages and Culture at University College of the North

With campuses at The Pas and Thompson in northern Manitoba, UCN fosters connections with northern communities through training and education in a wide range of subjects. The purpose of the Centre for Aboriginal Languages and Culture is to strengthen those connections through language and culture:

CAL will ensure the promotion, preservation and revitalization of all Aboriginal languages for our children and future generations.   With the support of Elders, parents, communities and learning institutions, CAL will promote the values, beliefs and traditions of our peoples.  The retention, revitalization and sustainability of our languages and cultures will achieve mino pimatisiwin.  Mino pimatisiwin is strengthened by the gift of language, and the interrelatedness of culture, history, knowledge, stories, and beliefs of each individual within the ‘Wakōhtowin’ circle, rooted in the respect for the land (KiKawinaw) and all living things. The Centre also features a Certificate in Teaching Ininimowin, the only post-secondary program offered entirely in Cree. [University College of the North]

Music Therapy at Canadian Mennonite University

The only place to study Music Therapy in Western Canada is right here in Manitoba at CMU. The Music Therapy Major trains students in skills and techniques that are invaluable in the care professions.

If you’re passionate about helping people and playing music, music therapy might be for you.

Music therapy is the skillful and systematic use of music and all of its facets—emotional, mental, social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual—to assist individuals from all walks of life in promoting, maintaining, and restoring health. [Canadian Mennonite University]

Part 2: Unique learning opportunities from Manitoba’s colleges

Make sure to check out part two for more unique programs from Manitoba’s colleges!

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