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Manitoba’s Online Learning Portal Celebrates Two Years

eCourses Manitoba (formerly eCampus Manitoba) logo with a birthday hat.

eCourses Manitoba launched two years ago as of July 7, 2016.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Campus Manitoba’s flagship program, eCampus Manitoba (now eCourses Manitoba). Two years ago, we officially launched the online learning website to help post-secondary students access high quality online courses from universities and colleges in Manitoba.

Online learning at eCourses Manitoba

Online learning in Manitoba has grown since then. We launched eCampus Manitoba with 520 online courses. Today, there are 740! During that time, over 900 students have used our website to find out more about online education in Manitoba. Flexible learning has become an essential part of how students pursue their academic goals. We’re doing our part to ensure students can access online education no matter where they are in the province.

Since the launch of eCampus Manitoba, we’ve continually added features to the site to support students. One example is our Help Centre, a comprehensive guide to studying online as a student in Manitoba. We’ve also improve the website in several other ways. Students can now choose to be notified when courses become available, an effective tool for staying organized and planning an education.

And we’re not stopping there! As we’ve noted before, we’ve recently renamed eCampus Manitoba to eCourses Manitoba. We’re relaunching soon with a brand new design, more course options, and an improved user path for students who use the website. You can even preview the new design! We hope you enjoy using the new website as much as we’ve enjoyed building it.

eCourses Manitoba aggregates online courses from seven universities and colleges in Manitoba. Students use the website in a variety of ways, from easily finding courses that are online to going through the process of registering for a course at a different institution. Students save up to $150 on fees they would normally pay to register for courses from institutions they’re not currently attending.

A collaborative approach to flexible learning

eCourses Manitoba is a product of collaboration with our partner institutions – Assiniboine Community College, Brandon University, Red River College, The University of Winnipeg, Université de Saint-Boniface, University College of the North, and University of Manitoba. Each institution works with us to ensure that students are fully supported by our services. eCourses Manitoba shows that working together improves our ability to help students achieve their academic goals.

Campus Manitoba is a consortium of Manitoba’s public post-secondary institutions. Through collaborative projects and shared services, we facilitate student mobility and expand access to post-secondary programs for students in Manitoba. In addition to, our websites include and

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