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Manitoba Post-Secondary News Roundup

Photo of internationally acclaimed Egyptian-Canadian novelist and journalist Omar El Akkad.

Thirteen dedicated students are leading the way as the inaugural cohort of the Teaching Indigenous Languages to Speakers of Other Languages (TILV) certificate, a visionary initiative that supports a new generation of Indigenous language teachers to rekindle the rich tapestry of culture and heritage within their communities.

Delivered through flexible distance learning, the TILV certificate transcends geographical boundaries, reaching learners in various communities and is a catalyst for fostering community relationships and strengthening the collective efforts to preserve Indigenous languages. With community partnerships, dedicated consultants, and support from educational divisions, this initiative ensures that Indigenous languages regain their rightful place in Canada’s educational landscape.

Discover more about the TILV certificate program.

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Don’t miss the next installment in the Extended Education‘s Lifelong Learning 2023-2024 Webinar Series!

Dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on education with Karen Woloschuk, the Director of Business & Administration with UM Extended Education, as she explores both the potential and challenges of emerging generative AI tools in the realm of lifelong learning. Gain insights into AI’s role in education, ethical considerations, and the importance of AI literacy. Join the conversation and be prepared for the future of education.

Watch the first webinar as a video, and mark your calendar for the upcoming webinar on Friday, November 10th, 2023: “Lifelong Learning and Generative AI: Unpacking ChatGPT’s Potential.

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Join JJ Cloutier as she dives into an exclusive interview with Ariful Hoq Shanil, an instructional designer from The Manitoba Flexible Learning Hub. Get the inside scoop on Quality Matters (QM) and its powerful rubrics that are transforming the landscape of online and hybrid education.

Quality Matters, a globally recognized nonprofit organization, is at the forefront of enhancing the quality of higher education. Uncover why QM was handpicked by The Hub over other tools and organizations and learn how their research-based toolkit, backed by over 20 years of experience, has become the gold standard for maintaining excellence in online and hybrid learning.

Don’t miss this chance to learn more about how QM rubrics can help elevate your online and hybrid offerings to the next level!

Copenhagen transportation: a small crowd of people walking and biking past one of the historic locations in Copenhagen.

Brandon University‘s groundbreaking Breast Cancer Cell & Molecular Research Laboratory (BCCMRL) is leading the charge in early breast cancer detection.

Dr. Mousumi Majumder, Canada Research Chair in Genotoxicology at BU, and her team have unveiled this cutting-edge lab with the mission to develop a highly sensitive blood test that can identify breast cancer at an early stage, potentially saving lives. With 1,000 square feet of research space, the BCCMRL is poised to revolutionize breast cancer detection through marker-focused research that promises less discomfort and hardship for at-risk women.

Generously supported by organizations like the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Research Manitoba, and VWR International, this groundbreaking initiative is already attracting national and international funding and fostering vital research partnerships. Read the full story to learn more about early breast cancer detection at Brandon University and their life-saving mission.

A patient meets with a QDoc doctor virtually, via a laptop.

Discover the Girls Exploring Trades and Technology camp (GETT) at RRC Polytech, a groundbreaking initiative introducing young girls aged 12 to 14 to various trades, free of charge.

This four-day summer camp offers hands-on experience in plumbing, woodworking, welding, robotics, and more, providing a crucial introduction to non-traditional career options. The program is designed to inspire young women to consider math and science as they approach high school, setting them on the path to a successful career in the trades. With the aim of increasing gender diversity in the male-dominated trades industry, GETT has already seen success, with participants returning as high school graduates to pursue trades programs.

Explore how GETT is breaking down barriers and encouraging young girls to envision a future in the trades.

Elders present Michael Cameron with a buffalo skull.

Marking a positive start to the 2023-24 academic year, Assiniboine Community College‘s recent graduation ceremony honored over 460 graduates from 30 diverse programs, including Practical Nursing, Civil Technician, and Early Childhood Education.

Notably, over 50 Practical Nursing graduates are now ready to contribute to the healthcare field province-wide. The college’s commitment to vital sectors in Manitoba’s labor market remains strong, and the ceremony featured students from a tuition-free Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician certificate program, including inspiring success stories like Portia Settee’s journey from northern Manitoba to a thriving career in the trade.

Don’t miss these inspiring stories of achievement and the college’s impact on Manitoba’s workforce.

National OER Headlines

LifeLabs and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) are proud to introduce a groundbreaking chapter in their Open Education Pathology Textbook, focusing on blood and blood tests. This resource, created in collaboration with UBC, transcends borders, offering a captivating and informative exploration of the world of medical laboratory science.

Co-authored by esteemed health sciences faculty members Dr. Jennifer Kong and Emily Frawley at BCIT, this chapter sheds light on the fascinating process of collecting, processing, interpreting, and reporting blood test results. This global initiative emphasizes the importance of accessible education and the advancement of medical laboratory science, benefitting healthcare professionals, students, and inquisitive minds around the world.

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