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Manitoba Post-Secondary News Roundup

Classes are over, spring is in full swing, and it feels like summer outside! Here is April’s roundup, featuring news and events from Campus Manitoba and post-secondary institutions in Manitoba.

University of Manitoba to host roundtable with former PM Paul Martin and Indigenous leaders →

Indigenous leaders from across Canada and former Prime Minister The Right Honourable Paul Martin will take part in a public roundtable discussion on Indigenous communities in Canada at the University of Manitoba on May 4th. “The University of Manitoba is committed to Indigenous education and to creating opportunities for our community to enhance its understanding of Indigenous perspectives,” says UM President, David Barnard. “This roundtable brings together national leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to empowerment, education and Reconciliation. We welcome them to share their knowledge and to help our community reflect on how we move forward.”

BU, UWinnipeg partner with University of Lethbridge to offer Snowden webcast →

Brandon University, The University of Winnipeg, and the University of Lethbridge are partnering to present a live lecture by Edward Snowden via webstream on May 9th. The lecture will be about the ethics of mass surveillance and the role of public institutions. The events are open to the public at Brandon University and The University of Winnipeg. “This is an incredible opportunity for the people of Brandon and Westman to hear from one of the most provocative and thought-provoking individuals of recent years, in his own words,” says Dr. Steve Robinson, BU’s Vice-President (Academic & Provost). “We leapt at the chance to arrange this opportunity for all BU students, faculty and staff as well as members of the Brandon area public to engage with Edward Snowden on this important topic, and we welcome everyone in all of the communities we are a part of to take part as well.”

New legislation from Province addresses sexual violence on Manitoba campuses →

On April 28th, the Government of Manitoba announced the Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Act. The Act sets out priorities for post-secondary institutions in Manitoba. First, institutions must have a role in raising awareness on campus and improving education about sexual violence.  Second, all institutions must have policies and procedures for responding to student reports of sexual violence. “All students deserve to feel safe while pursuing their studies,” said Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart at an event at the University of Manitoba.  “As a result of this new law, clear expectations are set for post-secondary institutions on creating a culture of safety and consent, training staff on how to compassionately and appropriately support victims of sexual violence, and setting policies to guide their overall planning and response.”

RRC announces plans for $95-million Innovation Centre at Exchange District Campus →

Red River College announced that it is expanding its footprint in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District with a new facility that will attract an additional 1,200 students to the Exchange District Campus. The construction of the new facility, the first of its kind in Canada, will provide a space for commercialization projects and startups as well as opportunities for social enterprise and Indigenous entrepreneurship. “This is a major step forward for the future of Red River College,” says RRC President Paul Vogt. “It represents a modernization and a new approach to teaching and partnerships while still doing what RRC does best — providing job-ready grads to industry and helping to drive economic growth.”

A drawing of the prospective expansion.

RRC’s planned Innovation Centre will attract an additional 1,200 students to the Exchange, stimulating economic development and further growth of the historic district. // PHOTO: RRC.

UWinnipeg’s Urban and Inner Studies department serves as “home base” for YouthUnited@Winnipeg →

A new, experiential summer learning program launches this summer to expose students to community settings and cultural experiences on the “journey to achieving both truth and reconciliation.” “This course provides students with invaluable hands-on experiences while encouraging them to explore new ways of seeing our city, other people, and ultimately, themselves,” said Dr. Annette Trimbee, President and Vice-Chancellor, UWinnipeg. “Education is key to reconciliation, and we are honoured to be piloting this important new program.”

Inaugural inter-institutional meeting announced by the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning →

On June 2nd, the University of Manitoba’s Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning will host an inter-institutional meeting on academic integrity. The event focuses on teaching and learning and is open to post-secondary faculty and staff from across the province. Registration and proposals are open now.

ACC announces Nursing program at Parkland Campus →

In April, Assiniboine Community College announced a set of priorities along with a plan for its Parkland Campus in Dauphin, MB. “We see the future of the Parkland Campus as one where it acts as a hub for the entire region, pulling together other organizations, companies and government partners to serve the needs of learners and employers,” said Assiniboine President Mark Frison. The permanent Practical Nursing program at the Parkland Campus was part of the announcement. The program will take in 25 students every September to help meet the area’s high demand for health care education and training.

ACC graduates celebrated at Ebb & Flow First Nation ceremony →

The community of Ebb & Flow First Nation came together for a ceremony and feast to celebrate twenty-two new ACC alumni. The students are now graduates of the Applied Counselling program from Assiniboine Community College. “Education is the key to success,” said Wayne Desjarlais, Chief of Ebb & Flow First Nation. “When a community is able to take advantage of courses that can be delivered in the community, it makes it easier for students to succeed.” ACC has partnered with Ebb & Flow First Nation in the past to offer programs in Mature Student High School, Pre-employment Construction Electrician, Practical Nursing, and Comprehensive Health Care Aide.

Close to 1,000 Westman students attend Power of Ideas Tour at Brandon University →

Students watching a science experiment

Close to 1,000 Westman students came to Brandon University to learn about Canadian innovation from the Power of Ideas Tour.

The end of April saw close to 1,000 high school and elementary students from the Westman area come to Brandon University for the Power of Ideas Tour. The event featured displays, demonstrations, and hands-on activities designed to inspire youth by exposing them to Canadian innovations in science and technology. The Tour also encourages students to explore new and original ideas. “To host a world-class exhibit of this calibre where the kids can explore such a vast array of possibilities and be exposed to the wonder of science is a tremendous opportunity for Brandon and Westman,” said Dr. Nancy Stanley, Director of Mini U, prior to the event. “I believe that this experience will send many of our local students on an amazing, lifelong path of discovery.”

BU kicks off summer of faculty research with fifth annual Research Enhancement Conference →

Brandon University hosted a unique, daylong conference for faculty members to explore collaborative and interdisciplinary research. The conference featured a keynote, a lecture, and a musical performance by Linda and Michael Hutcheon, two of Canada’s most accomplished scholars in their disciplines. “Many exciting discoveries result from the interplay between disciplines, which provides new perspectives to reveal much that might otherwise have gone overlooked or unrealized,” said Dr. Steve Robinson, BU’s Vice-President Academic and Provost. “Brandon University is the perfect size for these collaborations — large enough to boast specialist scholars with deep knowledge in their subject matter, yet small enough that they can easily cross paths, get to know each other, and combine their strengths into new and fruitful collaborations.”

UWinnipeg PACE offers new program in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility →

The University of Winnipeg’s Professional, Applied, and Continuing Education is offering a new program in September 2017 that will prepare professionals to bring sustainability to the forefront of corporate citizenship. “No matter the sector, businesses and agencies are increasingly being asked to rise to the occasion of our shared sustainability imperative,” says Alana Lajoie-O’Malley, Senior Advisor, UWinnipeg Research and Sustainability. “This exciting new program at PACE will provide valuable opportunities for professionals in our province to develop their skills in sustainability management and corporate responsibility and to bring these skills into their work.”

University of Winnipeg Collegiate offers new course in Truth and Reconciliation →

The University of Winnipeg Collegiate (UWC) will offer a new course that explores the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples that live in Canada. The course, which begins in May, will follow the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. “So many of the TRC’s Calls to Action are about education and awareness,” said Kevin Lamoureux, UWinnipeg Associate Vice President, Indigenous Affairs. “Through this innovative high school experience, students will be empowered to see themselves as contributors to reconciliation. We are so proud of the Collegiate, the instructors and the students for taking on this important challenge!”

RRC is one of Canada’s greenest employers for 7th straight year →

Red River College has been named one of Canada’s greenest employers by Mediacorp Canada for its environmentally-friendly policies and efforts to promote sustainability among staff and students through new programs and community spaces. “Red River College continues to be a champion of sustainability in Manitoba, and I congratulate all members of our College community for their efforts in continuing to cultivate a culture of sustainability at RRC,” says RRC president Paul Vogt. “From our applied research on green construction and vehicle technologies, to our recycling programs, to our state-of-the-art building projects, that culture touches everything we do.”

Sweat lodge opens for RRC students and staff with spring ceremony →

On April 20th, Red River College marked the official opening of its on-campus sweat lodge with a ceremony attended by students, staff, community leaders, and Elders. “Today is a very important day as we continue our work to infuse Indigenous culture, knowledge and teachings across our College,” said RRC President Paul Vogt. “Indigenous student success is a priority at Red River College, and that means providing culturally relevant student supports to help remove barriers and create more pathways to success for our Indigenous learners.” The College also shared a video of how the sweat lodge was assembled.

UCN renews Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Hollywood Westerns for second year →

“Made in America: The Hollywood Western” is a unique MOOC offered by the Faculty of Arts at the University College of the North. It focuses on how Hollywood Westerns provide insight into American culture and the American experience. The course starts on May 15th and is freely available on the Canvas Network.

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