Meet the Campus Manitoba Virtual Help Desk

The Virtual Help Desk is our chat, email, and phone service that helps students navigate Manitoba’s post-secondary system. Since 2014, we’ve helped hundreds of students meet their educational goals.

To contact the Virtual Help Desk, simply click the blue box in the bottom right corner of this page. We help students take the next step in their education. We look forward to hearing from you!

It’s time to meet the Campus Manitoba Virtual Help Desk Navigators! When you contact Campus Manitoba for support, you’ll talk to one of our team members featured here.

DawnDena Gordon

DawnDena grew up in Saskatchewan and moved to Brandon after high school to study music at Brandon University. She majored in percussion, although she also sings and plays the piano. She took a break from her studies for a couple of years to adventure across the seas. During this time, she taught English as a Second Language to elementary students in Taiwan and learned some basic Mandarin Chinese. She also visited Nepal, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, and Japan. When she returned home, DawnDena completed her Bachelor of Music.

She next completed a business administration diploma from Assiniboine Community College and was co-valedictorian, graduating with high marks and a number of awards.

DawnDena Gordon started her career with Campus Manitoba in August 2007 as the Assistant to the Director. Speaking with students was always one of her favourite parts of the job. When the position of Virtual Help Desk Navigator was created in 2014, she knew right away that she wanted to step into that role. She has been a Navigator since and she’s loving her job.

Question: When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing?

You’ll find me chasing after my young son. He certainly keeps my husband and me on our toes. In my downtime, I like to curl up with a good book or spend some time colouring. I also enjoy spending time with my whippet, Karter.

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