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Campus Manitoba Annual Highlights 2022-2023

Over 30 years of assisting, guiding, and supporting student access to education in Manitoba

Join us for a quick look at what we’ve accomplished with educators and students in post-secondary education throughout the province over the past twelve months. Learn about who we are, what we do, who we help, and where you can learn more about our programs and activities.

Campus Manitoba Annual Highlights 2022-2023 banner

Who is Campus Manitoba?

While it’s true that Campus Manitoba is “a consortium of seven publicly-funded post-secondary institutions,” the real strength of the organization comes from the people ensuring the products and services we provide work as intended. Carley McDougall, acting executive director, is running double duty, filling the shoes of the former executive director while overseeing special projects. DawnDena Gordon, Virtual Help Desk navigator, ensures the questions are answered quickly and accurately on the Virtual Help Desk, and Kathy Keating is the assistant to the executive director, who ensures the day-to-day operations run smoothly. Together this trio of professionals support the Manitoba Pressbooks Networks and guide subject matter experts in higher education to create, adapt, and disseminate regionally specific resources.

eCourses Manitoba

Initially launched in 2014, eCourses Manitoba is home to a wide range of courses for post-secondary students in Manitoba following one of two tracks: lifelong learners seeking online courses or current students working on completing their degree or diploma program.

  • 1397 online courses listed
  • 10.6% increase in LOP requests

“Campus Manitoba has been involved in remote learning since our very early days back in 1999, when we provided distributed learning courses throughout the province via satellite. The eCourses Manitoba site is an excellent and innovative way to improve access to education for everyone.” – DawnDena Gordon, Virtual Help Desk navigator, Campus Manitoba

OpenEd Manitoba

Open educational resources are powerful tools that provide local educators with the ability to adopt — and adapt — high-quality learning materials that can be tailored to fit a local context, providing students with relevant and engaging learning materials. Using Creative Commons licensing, the materials are freely available to be shared, modified, updated, and reorganized to meet the educators’ plans and the students’ needs.

To date, OpenEd Manitoba hosts 362 open textbooks, spanning topics from Graphic Design and Print Production Fundamentals to Safe Work Practices Competency A-4: Describe Personal Safety Practices. OpenEd Manitoba is an excellent resource for finding learning materials created across the country and around the world, as well as OER developed by subject-matter experts throughout the province.

OER by the Numbers

  • $3,409,510 in student savings
  • 19,329 students benefitting
  • 64 adoptions
  • 8 made-in Manitoba adaptations

Manitoba Flexible Learning Hub

Teaching, learning, and technology come together at the Manitoba Flexible Learning Hub, where course authors throughout the province can find assistance to develop fully online courses and blended learning modules and learning materials.

Set Your Course Manitoba

Set Your Course Manitoba is a virtual concierge for learners looking for information about potential schools, career planning, financial aid, and education pathways. The resource has been providing value to learners since 2016.

  • 441 total careers

Campus Manitoba Virtual Help Desk

OpenEd Manitoba, Set Your Course, and eCoursesManitoba all feature a significant resource powered by Campus Manitoba: the Virtual Help Desk. Whether you’re using the contact form or the handy chat widget, a human (during regular office hours) will more than likely be able to help you find the answer you need or guide you to the place where you can continue searching for it.

  • 112 students supported by VHD for the 2022-2023 academic year

Discover what Campus Manitoba has been working on over the past 12 months

Missed our monthly blog articles? Check out the summaries below, then head over to to keep reading.

Academic Integrity: Creating an Environment to Help Students Succeed

In June, we shared a recap of the fifth installment of the Academic Integrity Inter-Institutional Meeting (AIIIM), hosted by the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Manitoba.

Learning About the Land We Learn On

We compiled a collection of resources to help people and organizations throughout the province learn more about the land we live and learn on, including how we developed a land acknowledgment for Campus Manitoba, opportunities to learn about residential schools and Indigenous organizations, and Indigenous history and Truth and Reconciliation.

Learning the OER Landscape

An introduction to some of the tools and local assets available to help faculty, staff, and students in post-secondary institutions throughout Manitoba learn more about open educational resources and the centres working tirelessly to bring OER to mainstream education.

Pulling Together — Looking Back on a Year of Learning Circles and Indigenous-Led Teachings in Manitoba

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Pulling Together: Manitoba Foundations Guide (Brandon Edition), we met up with Susie McPherson-Derendy, a Cree Knowledge Keeper and one of the members of the initial Pulling Together working group, and Erica Brown, Learning and Organizational Development program manager at Brandon University, to learn how the Indigenous resource guide has been integrated into campus learning over the past year.

Quantifying Learnings from a Pandemic

A review of the results from the National Survey of Online and Digital Learning’s annual report to understand what the collected data means for online learning in Manitoba.

Working Together to Build a Foundation for EDI in Manitoba

Via the Flexible Learning Advisory Group, local educators, faculty, and staff members gain access to innovative resources to help them deliver an improved teaching and learning experience. One of the projects FLAG has been involved with (made possible by the Manitoba Flexible Learning Hub) was guiding the development of an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) resource to help institutions define their meaning of equity, diversity, and inclusion, articulate why EDI is essential for student success, and incorporating strategies that promote EDI in teaching and learning. The second module is slated to launch in the fall of 2023.

Writing Guidelines for Campus Manitoba

To develop a consistent voice to inform future writers of Campus Manitoba communications, articles, and social media messaging, we developed a writing guide to help establish the Campus Manitoba voice, and a capitalization and spelling guide to clarify preferred spellings of words, names, and places unique to the province and the people who live here. The guide is intended to be a living document, updated regularly as the brand voice matures.

Reflecting our commitment to open, the guides are informed by similar resources created by local and national organizations.

Check out the Campus Manitoba writing guide and the caps and spelling guide.

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Access to education is at the heart of everything we do.
Here are the ways we work to make learning accessible in Manitoba.

eCourses is your resource for online learning in Manitoba, providing flexible pathways for you to achieve your academic or career goals. With more than 1,200 courses to choose from, you can craft an education that works best for you. Our Virtual Help Desk is here to help you navigate through courses from across Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions.

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Home to more than 380 open educational resources (OERs), the Manitoba Open Education Initiative provides support to help you (as a faculty member) review, adapt and adopt open textbooks. If you’re a student, browse our collection of open textbooks that you can read, download or print for free.

Set Your Course is your launchpad for a Manitoba-specific education or career information. Get the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your future; with career-planning tools, labour market information and links to Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions.