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Set Your Course at Canadian Immigrant Career Fair

On Monday, May 30th, Canadian Immigrant‘s Career, Education, and Settlement Immigrant Fair was held in downtown Winnipeg. The fair featured diverse sponsors, exhibitor booths, and speakers’ workshops led by experts in various fields of interest to new Canadians, from careers to immigration law. Other highlights included an online resumé clinic, career clinics, small business clinic, speed mentoring, and networking. Campus Manitoba was in attendance to talk with people from diverse backgrounds about their career and education plans.

The event provided an engaging setting for Canadian immigrants to explore opportunities in Manitoba. We were happy to tell them about Set Your Course, Manitoba’s online hub for career and education planning.

Canadian Immigrant Career Fair draws diverse turnout

Set Your Course display booth at the Canadian Immigrant Career Fair.

Set Your Course setup at Canadian Immigrant Career Fair.

Our experience at Rotary Career Symposium told us that people are eager to explore the career and education opportunities available in Manitoba.  The Canadian Immigrant Career Fair was no exception. As with previous events, we asked people visiting our booth to tell us a few details about their career interests and post-secondary plans.

39 attendees responded to our short survey. Of those 39, almost 65% plan on attending university or college in the near future. We were also interested in what countries they came to Canada from. The highest number of responses came from the Philippines. Our responses captured the diversity of the crowd, which included people from China, Nigeria, Japan, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Oman, Mexico, and Eritrea.

We also asked respondents how long they’ve been in Canada, with the longest being 20 years and the shortest being 3 weeks. The most common career interest was Health Care Aide, a job with training available from several universities and colleges in Manitoba as listed on Set Your Course.


Set Your Course is Manitoba’s careers and education pathways website

If you missed us at the fair, visit us online at Set Your Course has the tools and tips to help make career decisions easier. You’ll find information regarding post-secondary institutions in Manitoba alongside clear details about careers available in the province. The Virtual Help Desk and Set Your Course can help you make sure that you’re ready to graduate high school and determine what education you need to make your dreams a reality. Careers in the SYC catalogue will also let you know what you can expect from the career you’re interested in.

The site also features a ‘Chat with us’ button that you can click to get connected to a real human being that is ready to answer your questions. These are the members of our Virtual Help Desk and they’re more than happy to help you out.

With Set Your Course as part of your tool kit, you can look forward to what your future has to offer. We’ve got information about apprenticeship programs and resources on how you can finance this adventure in the first place. No matter what age you are or stage of life you’re at, we’ll do our best to make the journey into the post-secondary world a simple one.

Campus Manitoba is a consortium of Manitoba’s public post-secondary institutions. Through collaborative projects and shared services, we facilitate student mobility and expand access to post-secondary programs for students in Manitoba. In addition to, our websites include and

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