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Credential Wallet Puts Digital Recognition in Students’ Pockets

The Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) has announced an exciting initiative aimed at making the acquisition, sharing, and storage of post-secondary credentials easier for students, graduates, and institutions.

Launched in December 2020, MyCreds is a digital platform that will help Canada’s post-secondary institutions deliver academic credentials – diplomas, transcripts, badges, awards, and micro-credentials – to learners online, anywhere, and at any time.

Access to MyCreds starts at the institutional level, as universities and colleges on-board the service and provide students with a portfolio login. Then, learners have 24-7 access to their personalized credential wallet, which will enable them to access, view, control, and share all necessary verified, official documents related to their post-secondary studies.

MyCreds is Seamless and Secure

For many years, students have had to rely on slow and sometimes costly processes to access academic information: fill out a form, send a payment, and wait for the mail to arrive.  A digital credential wallet all but eliminates the monetary and time constraints otherwise placed on both learners and institutions to produce and distribute official documents.

As education becomes increasingly virtual– not to mention the widespread digital teaching and learning brought on by the pandemic – such an initiative makes the transfer of information more ideal. Indeed, students are left in control of their academic information, and have it ready for applications for employment, graduate school, or their private portfolio.

laptop with MyCreds open

With increasing attention also being paid to the privacy concerns of digital education, a platform of this type also decreases reliance on older and more uncertain systems, and even helps combat human error. After all, who hasn’t mistakenly received someone else’s mail, or misplaced something important at one time? Since MyCreds is scrupulously maintained to support information protection and privacy, institutions can help a higher number of students more securely, and much faster than in the past.

“We work tirelessly to help our students, graduates and alumni showcase their academic achievements and propel them forward into their careers,” said Charmaine Hack, Chair of the ARUCC National Network Project. “Trusted, secure digital credentials can enable our post-secondary learners with anytime access to their own verified credentials, which can be shared with whomever they choose.”

Collaboration Throughout

The new platform and website are supported by two Vancouver-based firms: Digitary, which is an internationally-renowned document issuing company, and Split Mango, a Canadian website design firm.

More broadly, MyCreds results from the efforts of four partnering organizations whose members have worked collaboratively, via the ARUCC National Network Project. These organizations include ARUCC, the Pan-Canadian Consortium on Admissions and Transfer (PCCAT), the Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers (CUCCIO), and the Canadian Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (CanPESC) User Group.

The MyCreds platform and supporting website are available for learners, employers, verifiers, and third parties, with more than 30 post-secondary institutions already on-boarded as early adopters. In Manitoba, Red River College has led the way, as the province’s first adopter of the online credential wallet. ARUCC hopes that MyCreds will become the ‘new normal’ in the sharing of post-secondary achievements.

“We are on track to achieve our ultimate goal, which is the full launch of a national, secure digital network through which all domestic and international students may share their official, digitized post-secondary transcripts and credentials,” said Romesh Vadivel, ARUCC President.

graduates together
women collaborating

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