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COVID-19 Response

We are in a very distinct period in time — a time that feels uncertain and a little uncomfortable.

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Protect yourself and others from getting sick.
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For many of us around the world, including here in Manitoba, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every part of our lives.

Many of us have concerns about school, work, finances, and our ability to see our friends and family. This leaves many of us feeling more stressed or anxious than usual.

This is also a time where we are seeing Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions adapt, innovate, and collaborate to develop essential supports at all levels.

We have put together a resource page for Manitobans to help you find the supports available to you. Here are some of the resources you will find:  

Institutional Responses to COVID-19

This is where you can find COVID-19 update pages from Manitoba post-secondary institutions.

Student Resources

Are you a student and unsure of where to go for COVID-19 information and news about your education? This section is for you. Here, you’ll find links to institution updates (changes to policies, dates and deadlines), online learning resources and health supports.

Faculty Resources

You’ll find resources specific to faculty here, including links to available health and wellness supports, along with links to help you work and teach from home.

What Manitobans Are Doing

See what Manitobans are doing to help with the fight against COVID-19.

Government Health Links

This is where you will find direct links to the following COVID-19 update pages: Manitoba government, Government of Canada and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Remember: we are going through a shared experience of a public health emergency.  During this time, it is crucial that you are kind and patient with yourself.

For relevant resources about your mental health and well-being, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has put together a list of resources and sources of information.

Campus Manitoba is a consortium of Manitoba’s public universities and colleges. Through collaborative projects and shared services, we facilitate student mobility and expand access to post-secondary programs for students in Manitoba. In addition to, our websites include, and

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